P&A | efficient efficacy

PINNISI & ANDERSON is an intelligent option for businesses that need  sophisticated legal work but question big-firm inefficiency and expense.

We provide excellence and value by:

    • Staffing very leanly, with a broad range of senior-level in-house skills,
    • Accepting engagements only in areas of core expertise,
    • Accepting blended and contingent fee arrangements when appropriate,
    • Collaborating with other firms and experts when needed –
      without the conflict of interest that can arise from intra-firm referrals.

We learn not only the specifics of our assignments but also our clients’ businesses and the markets in which they operate,

We provide experienced service without layers of lawyers coordinating and duplicating work,

We don’t assign work to junior lawyers to have clients pay us to provide on-the-job training for our staff,

We don’t have team meetings to decide whether we’re having too many team meetings, and

We remain mindful of the client’s goals, all to better ensure that …


Client Comments

“As the primary legal advisor for our company, Mike provided legal advice similar to that of a General Counsel. Mike’s unique range of capabilities, from top-level strategy to detailed execution to working in partnership with co-counsel, make him terrifically valuable. He served as the primary day-to-day and strategic advisor at the founding of the company, and advised on all matters related to corporate growth including human resources, supplier agreements with major retailers, non-disclosure agreements, and purchase agreements with international suppliers. His responsiveness, efficiency and attention to detail were outstanding. He also worked graciously and resourcefully to manage our intellectual property lawyers, and helped coordinate the acquisition negotiations, due diligence process and contract of sale to a strategic buyer. We could not have been more pleased with his capabilities, and appreciated the strong value proposition that his firm offered. I have had the opportunity to recommend Pinnisi & Anderson to many fellow entrepreneurs, and have only heard terrific feedback. I very much look forward to working with him again.”

New York, NY

“Michael always had solutions to difficult legal problems that were intelligent, creative, and practical.  He’s the lawyer you want.”

Washington, D.C.

“Thank you so much for your representation. Although the circumstances that brought us to you were not pleasant, we are nevertheless honored to know you and Paige. We have told you that you are the best in your profession. Today, we want to say that you are one of the finest people we have known as well. We are very pleased that justice was served in this case. We appreciate your hard work. We too look forward to maintaining a connection with you and hope that we can work on some constructive projects together in the future.”

Kansas City, MO

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike several times and he has always shown himself to be insightful, analytical and collaborative in his approach.”

Ithaca, NY